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OVENTROP well-known brand name in Egypt and worldwide as a German made / quality product as one of the leading European manufacturers of valves and controls for the Building Services Industry.

OVENTROP started manufacturing business since the year 1851 where Olsberg factory was established on the year 1922 and still running including the foundry, sand casting, presses, mechanical processing, plastic production automatic assembly, test laboratories and R&D sector in addition to Brilon Factory since 1980.



Altogether the company employs 800 people at their two facilities in Olsberg and Brilon. The company has a varied portfolio of over 4,000 products for heating, cooling, sanitary and industrial installations. These products are now sold in most countries throughout the world.


Design, Production & Philosophy:

OVENTROP products lead in design and innovation. Research, construction and design are worked out in the factory.

The raw materials are produced for the foundry and presses in Olsberg Factory, then further processing is done by using modern, computer programmed machines. The assembly of the final product is also an automatic process.


The OVENTROP philosophy is to combine valves, controllers and other components for all sectors of the Building Services Industry in an economical, energy-saving and ecological system. Higher demands are defined by technical progress, the Energy Saving Directive and other legal regulations. OVENTROP accepts the new challenge and offers high-quality
solutions meeting those requirements.



  1. General Valves: Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly & Ball Valves.
  2. Pipeline Accessories: Strainers & Air Vents.
  3. Hydronic Balancing Valves:
  1. Double Regulating Valves.
  2. Combined DRV & 2-Way Control Valve.
  3. Pressure Independent Valves.
  4. Differential Pressure Regulators.
  1. Control Valves:
  1. 2-Way Control Valves.
  2. 3-Way Control Valves (Mixing & Diverting Types).
  1. Actuators & Room Thermostat:
  1. Electro-thermal Actuators: 2-Point & Proportional Control.
  2. Electromotive Actuators: 2-Point, 3-Point & Proportional Control.
  3. Digital & Analog Types Room Thermostats.
  1. Surface Heating & Cooling Systems.

Solar Energy Systems for Central Heating & Potable Water Applications