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Acoustic Division

ECONTECH study and analyze complete system, apply and select proper acoustic solutions to achieve specified noise levels according to the international standards and guidelines.

We purpose Engineering solutions and systems to minimize and eliminate vibrations noise transmission to building structure generated by electro-mechanical equipment and to control airborne noise radiated from electro mechanical equipment using engineered products and proper acoustic treatments

We Provide Technical solutions depend on the source of the noise and the path of acoustic transmission in order to limit and/or control noise transmission from one building space to another to ensure space functionality and speech privacy. Improving sound in environments by controlling a room's surfaces based on sound absorbing properties. Interior building surfaces can be treated of many different materials and finishes

In addition to engineered solutions service; we supply acoustic materials and carry out the installation work related to acoustics solutions for different spaces to control reverberation time and meet specified noise level requirements in spaces such as: Multipurpose Halls, Swimming Pools, Generator Rooms, Auditoriums, Conference Halls, Studios, etc.

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